About Me – Que Pasa?

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golden section

pink door II

I love windows and doors and photograph them a lot!  

They’re such beautiful metaphors of life.

I’ve slung my camera for decades now, worked in many red-lit darkrooms, still smell fix and developer at odd, inappropriate times–and have bought my fair share of film. A lot of film! Like a dear, old pet, my Nikon (and for a brief sacrilegious time, my Pentax) has always been there with me.

I feel so blessed to have met, and sometimes worked with, talented photographers, writers, artists, musicians and filmmakers, but I vividly remember best the local people of the places I’ve visited. Their stories have been wonderful, horrifying, sad and joyful, and not at all photographable. They are in my heart forever.

Blessings, MoonWynd

This website        and its content     are copyright of MoonWynd Studio© 2014.   ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Please note: All photographs, artwork and personal comments are original and proprietary. If you wish to use any of the works, send me a description of your project.  All allowances are at the discretion of MoonWynd Studio.

2 thoughts on “About Me – Que Pasa?”

  1. I’m often drawn to photographing door too! I love this one! The colours are beautiful, it is a friendly space.


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